Urban Thoughts
not another social networking service

Urban Thoughts offers you the ability to share your secrets, joys, burdens or whatever you wish, with other people in your physical vicinity, while maintaining complete anonymity – your Urban Thoughts are the only thing other people will be able to see. By posting your thoughts you do not only share your own thoughts with other people, you are also able to sense their thoughts.

Physical Vicinity

Using Bluetooth as the only means for communication between users, denotes that sharing of thoughts is only possible between users that are physically near each other. This means that while your Urban Thoughts are posted on the digital layer, through the application on your cell-phone, they are at the same time restricted by the physical layer, namely the actual physical context within which you are present. This brings the digital layer closer to the physical reality in which you find yourself, because the thoughts you sense from other people are irreversible related to the physical reality in which you are.

Complete Anonymity

By allowing for complete anonymity, the only thing people viewing your Urban Thoughts know about you is what you post. This means that it is entirely up to you not only what, but also how much you post – people sniffing your Urban Thoughts will never know anything else about you than what you post. Thus can you share your most intimate or most cursory thoughts with other people, without them ever knowing who you are.

Thoughts from Strangers

Have you ever wondered what might be on the mind of people you pass through the day? With Urban Thoughts you can sense the thoughts of people you encounter during the day, but only while they actually pass by you. And even though you don’t know who has posted their thoughts, you have the ability to peek inside the minds of strangers, while both they and you remain strangers. Other people have the ability to comment on your thoughts, and you on theirs, but still without the application revealing either yours or theirs identity.

Only Mobile

Your Urban Thoughts can only be posted through your cell phone, not through a web-service, or an existing social networking profile, and they only exist in connection with you – when you e.g. leave a room, you take your thoughts with you. This means that in the mind of people sensing other’s thoughts, your thoughts either don’t exist or are unaltered when you are not in their vicinity.

  • Concept designers: 
  • Mikkel Kabel, 
  • Morten Boye Mortensen, 
  • Tobias Sonne & 
  • Matthias Nielsen 
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